Scenic Costume

Once Upon a Dream

Children’s costumes for a musical show where the actors are. The play gives life to the different worlds a child goes through while dreaming.
The costumes represent the different characters that live in these fantastic worlds
Production: RIU Stage
Choreography: Anastasia Olfert

Cachupa Rica

Musical show about the history of the Cape Verde archipelago, since its discovery in the fifteenth century until independence in 1975.
The historical costumes reflect the clothing of the different epochs.

Hot Stuff

Musical show. 70s and 80s clothing style.

Rock Station

Costumes with models that transform on stage, inspired by the world of Rock Music.


Costume for a musical show inspired by life in a circus.

Dorice Arsenopoulou, acrobat

Chamäleon Theater Berlin


Fatsuit for the character «Karl Kasunke», performed by the actor Kjel S. Fiedler.

Quick Change

Costume for an illusionist trick called «Quick Change», where the artist’s dress quickly transforms into several different models, without her apparently changing clothes.
This costume is transformed into three different models and belongs to the costumes of the circus show “Bambalina del circo”