From designing to model realization, in my atelier I am responsible for all the necessary processes to create a costume or a piece of clothing that gives life as accurately as possible to your project or idea.

Diseño y estilismo -Exchange of ideas and proposals with the client.

While making a costume or an individual piece of clothing, it is  necessary to consider the personality we want to reflect, or the time and context in which the character will wear the costume. Likewise, the personality and preferences of the client must also be taken into account.

– Preparation and presentation of designs and sketches, styling proposals.

The realization of drawings and sketches which reflect the ideas and offer possible variations, are the first necessary steps giving a graphic form to a specific design.

These sketches are a support in our dialogue and allow us to make all possible changes to the model on the paper, as well as to propose materials and fabrics adapted to its realization.

-Research in fabrics, appropriate materials and possible accessories

The search for and selection of the materials, the “dialogue” with them in order to understand their possibilities and sometimes even realize how much I can transform the material to adapt it to my idea, is one of the most playful dimensions of my work.