In my atelier I design and tailor theatre costumes, accessories and theatre attrezo, as well as clothes for private customers. I studied pattern and tailoring for three years in Italy and graduated in fashion design at the FTW of Berlin.

I have more than 25 years’ experience working for different companies and stage productions in Spain and Germany, designing and making costumes for a number of different musicals and shows.

I have been working since 2010 as a freelance costume designer in my own atelier in Berlin.

About me

Julieta Costume

I am passionate about my work, and although I have been in this profession for many years now, I keep learning and discovering new things with each project.
When working on the costumes for a show, I consider them as tools to create the world of magic that will take the audience on board, along with music, lights, stage design and the performances of the actors, A show is a fascinating team work, a creative exchange and dialogue that end up telling a story and creating a complete universe.

For me, costumes are a communication tool in the widest sense of the word. A piece of clothing should not only fit the body, it is a way to present oneself to the outside world, allowing us to express and reflect our inner self. This communicative aspect is an important element in my creative process as well as my working method.

I want my costumes to reflect and capture the personality of the characters and become thus part of the story, offering those who wear them the possibility to play and express themselves through them.
Thus, the creative dimension of my job is as important as the technical part in which I study the different possibilities of designing, cutting and tailoring in order to achieve the desired outcome.
The study of the model, the figure and the proportions of those wearing the costumes are part of this process, as well as the choice of an appropriate material or fabric.

These are my tools and working materials. With them I create and produce in my atelier, just like in a textile laboratory, the outfits that will come to life when dressing characters for a show as well as people in their daily life.

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